Pancake Day

So yesterday was pancake day!

I’m not an avid pancake eater. I do enjoy it every now and again but it’s not really my go-to breakfast option.

I also prefer simple pancakes. No muss, no fuss- just plain ol’ sugar, milk, eggs and flour.

The exciting part for me is what you put on the pancakes.

Like the Lemon and Raspberry pancakes I made below…


Basic pancakes with a drizzle of lemon juice, dusting of icing sugar and top it up with whipped cream and raspberries.

It. Was. Delicious.

P.s. I should have made a raspberry compote to add to the pancakes, but I’m very lazy.

Yet another food blog?


This isn’t a food blog.

Not really.

It’s more of a place where I can write down the recipes that hit me in a moment of inspiration and cause me to create some of my most spectacular dishes (at least according to my taste buds).

Some are pretty basic recipes with my own twist, some are ones I have completely imagined out of thin air. All include intense flavour.

I’ve been meaning to write these recipes down for the longest time but I just haven’t (mostly due to laziness)…until now.

So here it is: Chef Vic’s recipe book.